Power & Resistance Aids

Evasion BeltEvasion Belt

Evasion Belt

PRODUCT BENEFITS: The attacker tries to break away from ...

Multi-Jump TrainerMulti-Jump Trainer

Multi-Jump Trainer

PRODUCT BENEFITS: Heavy dome and three 30" cross-poles ...

Balance BoardBalance Board

Balance Board

PRODUCT BENEFITS: Precision Training Balance Board ...

Leg TonerLeg Toner

Leg Toner

PRODUCT BENEFITS: Helps to maintain proper body positioning ...

Pro Quick-Release BeltPro Quick-Release Belt

Pro Quick-Release Belt

PRODUCT BENEFITS: This harness system uses partner ...

Power Speed ResistorPower Speed Resistor

Power Speed Resistor

PRODUCT BENEFITS: Nylon harness and webbing, padded ...



PRODUCT BENEFITS: Chute with padded waist belt applies even ...

Pro Dual Speed ParachutePro Dual Speed Parachute

Pro Dual Speed Parachute

PRODUCT BENEFITS: Dual parachute with padded waist belt. ...

MYO Strength Medicine Ball 6KGMYO Strength Medicine Ball 6KG

MYO Strength Medicine Ball 6KG

6KG PREMIUM MYO Strength Medicine Ball Perfect for ...

MYO Strength Medicine Ball 8KGMYO Strength Medicine Ball 8KG

MYO Strength Medicine Ball 8KG

8KG PREMIUM MYO Strength Medicine Ball Perfect for ...